2024 Spring Retail Sale Details

It's back! 

The Murray Bros. Spring Retail Sale was a big to-do a few years back. Many residents and cottagers in Madawaska, Barry's Bay, Whitney, Wilno, and beyond will remember sales when trucks and trailers would be lined up from our gates all the way back out to the highway and then some! The Sale went away for a couple years, but it's back again for the third year in a row since the hiatus. This year, the Sale will take place Saturday, May 22nd from 7-11am and we hope to get it back to its past glory. 

Murray Bros. produces large orders of siding, including Tongue & Groove, Shiplap, Flooring, and more. Our retail yard consists of spare material that wasn't needed for these larger orders, as well as "Outs", stock that didn't meet the grade. While it didn't meet the grade of those orders, that doesn't mean it's not useful! We advise retail shoppers to purchase ~35% extra material to account for waste.

We will have something for everyone at this sale. Please check out below for a sneak peak on what's in stock and a list of prices, which you'll find are tough to beat!


Figure 1: 1x10 White Pine Dressed on 4 sides (D4S) with a Rougher Headed finish on one side. Perfect for Board & Batten. We have several patterns and dimensions in the D4S pattern. 

Figure 2: 1x8 Red Pine Shiplap can be used in several different applications, including flooring. This project by one of our recent customers turned out amazing. Note the streaks of blue stain that can be expected in our Outs.


Figure 3: 1x6 Dressed 4 sides with eased edges. Nice for siding or fencing. 

Figure 4: 2x4 Eastern White Cedar! Very limited quantities of this available.

Figure 5: 2x8 Red Pine Truck Decking. This material is pretty darn tough and can be used for industrial flooring and other applications. 

Figure 6: Some particularly heavily stained 1x8 Red Pine Shiplap, known as our "Hippie Stain" Red Pine, inspired by the artistic types who moved to the South Algonquin, Madawaska Valley, and nearby townships in the 1960s and 70s. 

Figure 7: 1x4 Eastern White Cedar Tongue & Groove, perfect for sauna interiors. 

Thanks for checking out some of the featured products for this year's Retail Sale. To view our Price List, follow this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16r0awvq5CcoKkK5sMmbdSnqUJH-X6yKw/view?usp=sharing

We hope to see you soon!