Murray Brothers' Employees Participate in Softwood Grading Orientation

This Wednesday, 18 Murray Brothers' employees took part in a information-packed softwood lumber grading orientation held at the Madawaska mill site. The presentation was organized through Algonquin College and the Ministry of Labour, Training, and Skills Development and was delivered by Richard Hudon, who has over 35 years of experience in the forestry industry. The orientation provided participants with useful information that they will use every day. 

Taking part in the orientation was a range of workers from different parts of the Madawaska site, including the scragg mill, band mill, and planers. The participants were selected by their supervisors as people who could benefit from learning more about lumber grades.

The first half of the orientation took place in a classroom setting, where participants learned about the history of lumber grading, agencies and certification, as well as National Lumber Grading Association (NGLA) rules. It had been a while since some of the students had been in a classroom, but they didn't miss a beat! Richard was complimentary of a number of the participants, who were asking lots of good questions. 

Employees soak up some of Richard Hudon's grading knowledge in the classroom.

After the presentation and a quick lunch break, Richard took the gang out into the yard, where he gave examples of various grades discussed in class. In doing this, participants learned the methods of measuring and assessing grade. The discussion also focused on quality control of product storage, stacking and stickering and transportation. All of this insight was helpful, not only for the 18 employees in the course, but for management who was also present during this time. 

Overall, participants were very happy to have the opportunity to develop their knowledge base, which will allow them to produce better products. Murray Brothers would like to extend it's thanks to Richard, Algonquin College, and the Ministry for making the day a possibility.