Siding Guide

At Murray Bros., we produce a wide variety of dressed material for industrial and appearance grade applications using hardwood and softwood. Our facilities are also equiped with resaws, chop-saws, radial saws, and full trimmer systems to process orders exactly how our customers want before or after dressing. Our siding guide below outlines some of our most beloved patterns. Please mind the scratch marks and coffee stains! We've been using these for a long time.


Figure 1: Dressed 4 Sides. This pattern is applied to both hardwood and softwood species in many dimensions. Smooth on 4 Sides (S4S) is most commonly used for industrial hardwoods but is also used on pine. The pattern shown here is Dressed 1 Side and 2 Edges, with the remaining side in a "Rougher head" finish, perfect for Board & Batten projects.

Figure 2a-c: Pattern 17 and 19. Pattern 17 is available in 1x4, 1x5, 1x6 and 1x8, while Pattern 19 is available in 1x6. These two patterns are extremely popular for inside siding projects. The photo shows Pattern 17 using 1x4 Select Aspen. 


Figure 3a-d: Flooring Patterns 14A, 14B, and 15. Pattern 14A/B is available in 1x4, 1x5, 1x6, and 1x8 and is used in homes and shops. Pattern 15 is available in 2x6 and 2x8 and is most commonly used as Truck Decking. The photo shows 1x8 Red Pine Flooring Outs. 


Figure 4a-c: Log Siding Options, all available in 6", 8", and 10" widths. Perfect to give that rustic log cabin look.

Figure 5a-d: Shiplap Siding options. Pattern 2 and 30 are available in 1x8 and 1x10. Pattern 7 is available in 1x8. The photo shows 1x8 Pattern 7 used in a barn for flooring!