New Job Postings at Murray Brothers

Murray Brothers has three new job postings for the Madawaska mill site: Hardwood Lumber Grader, General Labourer, and Cleaner. These positions offer different opportunities for people with varying skillsets. 

The Hardwood Grading position is a position requiring specific skills, which can be provided by the company. Prospective hires may have a Hardwood Lumber Grading certification, however if there is a strong interest in learning, the company will cover costs associated with getting these qualifications.

The Cleaner Position is ideal for someone looking to work part-time in the evenings. Suitable candidates may have experience cleaning professionally and are able to work well independently.

Finally, there are several openings for General Labourer positions. This job is an entry level position requiring no specific skills. We feel this position is perfect for people fresh out of high school looking to enter the work force. It is also a great place for someone already in the workforce who is looking for a fresh start at a great company. The hiring department at Murray Brothers 

To learn more about these positions, including the responsibilities and qualifications required, check out the individual posts on our Current Postings Page