Spring Retail Sale Returns

Murray Bros. is pleased to announce the return of the Spring Retail Sale, which is set to take place Saturday May 28th, from 8:00AM to 3:00PM at our Madawaska mill site. After approximately 5 years passing without offering the sale, staff are excited to have it running again. 

Spring in South Algonquin and the Madawaska Valley is a time of year that has a certain energy we’re all familiar with. Barry's Bay, Whitney, and, yes, even Madawaska, become abuzz with cottagers and locals alike who are out and about and perhaps looking to get started on a project. Through our retail sale, we hope to provide folks with useful materials at attractive prices so they can complete their projects and move on to enjoying the summer. So, with that, let's get into some of the details on what will be available and other important facts about the sale. 

What Will be Available at the Sale?

When customers arrive to the sale, they will see Murray Bros. Retail yard, in which we keep mostly softwood "Outs" material that did not make the grade for larger orders. This could be due to knots, staining, or cracks. That said, just because these lifts of material have defects, doesn't mean they won't be of use in your upcoming project! As a general rule, for relatively new lifts of material produced in the last few years, we estimate there will be 20-35% waste, and so customers should look to purchase more material to compensate. For older, more weathered lifts, customers should look to buy 40-60% more. Old and new lifts have been classified and priced accordingly to address the difference in what will be required by customers. We are happy to be offering over 20 combinations of patterns, species, and grades of siding materials, including pine shiplap, cedar tongue & groove, dressed spruce, and many more. 

FIGURE 1: Example of fresh 1x10 rougher-headed dressed white pine, ideal for board and batten projects. Customers can expect to find 20-35% waste in fresher packs of material, such as this one. 

In addition to the siding, the sale will feature a few other specialty items, including square timbers. Where the above 20+ pine siding options, will of course be used to decorate internal and external facades on buildings, square timbers can be used to provide necessary structure to any number of projects, including garden boxes, steps, dock cribbing, and more. We have a selection of spruce and cedar timbers to choose from at very fair prices. 

FIGURE 2: A pack of 6x6x12 eastern white spruce timbers. 

The final product that will be discussed here is our Live Edge White Pine slabs. Murray Brothers' Live Edge slabs are different from other slabs you'll see in the big box stores for two reasons. First, purchasing your live edge slabs from Murray Bros. means you are getting a great price. Our 4' slabs will be made available for $35+tax at the sale, a mere fraction of the $134+tax you'll pay at the big box store. Second, getting your slabs from us means you know where it's coming from- Algonquin Park. Our live edge slabs allow you to have a piece of Algonquin Park right inside your home as pieces are sawn from white pine timber, which are sustainably sourced from Ontario's iconic Algonquin Park. Whether it's coffee tables, bar furniture, or benches, our live edge white pine gives you the "Wow" factor for a great price.

FIGURE 3: Rough cut White Pine Live Edge slabs can be finished any number of ways to be made into coffee tables, shelving units, bedside tables, benches, and more. 

Other Important Things to Know

Some key things to know for those coming to the sale are as follows. When you arrive to our mill, located at 24749 ON-60, Madawaska, ON, you will line up at our main gate and wait for an attendant to let you through. We have seen long lines before so make sure to come early to limit your time waiting! Once through, you will be taken to the retail yard by a sales representative. If you find something you like and wish to make a purchase, please note you must transport the material off site the day of the sale. This means if you are purchasing a lift of siding, you will likely require a trailer and tie-downs. Most lifts of material come in 16' packs, so it is best to have a trailer that can take up to that length. Please plan accordingly and come prepared. Payment will be taken by E-Transfer, debit, credit, or cash at our scale shack once you're loaded up.

If you have any other questions, please send us an email, message on Facebook, or call (613) 637-2840. We can't wait for the sale and hope to see you Saturday!